Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I got my hair done!

Yes ladies. It is vital that you pamper yourself.
Nails done, Hair done everything did!... you know the rest.
I went to a salon, I do not know how much of a following that they have, or how they are advertising but I know they are being told about by word of mouth. ( That's how I heard)
But my hair is awesome, Yes I got a weave, lord knows my real hair needed a break. So my plan is to go to them a few more times, and keep talking about my business, and breaking into the Social Media Managing, By word of mouth. What do you think? What do any other Social Media Managers, that do freelance work from home think? How did you get your start?

By the way... That personal friend I mentioned in my earlier post agreed to let me manage a Instagram, Once I get all the details down I will began to post links of what I do.....YAYYYYYYY

Thank you always for reading,
Tanisha Richardson

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