Thursday, July 10, 2014

Looking for 3 motivated people ready to change their life!

Da Brat is apart of WakeUpNow, I love it. I know she has already rose to a Founder Level. She's Da Brat! But I wanna get to D3. and Help my # get to D3 with me, I Want this to work. I need this to work. I am tired of working for somebody else. I wanna be able to pay my mortgage and bills, and make sure my son is ok even after I'm gone.

Are you ready and willing? Email me back with Name and Phone number, and tell me what you LIKED About this video. ANd then Let's get started saving, managing,and making money together!

Friday, June 20, 2014

It's Been awhile Now

I do apologize, it has been a few days since my last entry. It has been a hectic week.
At the moment, I am micro-managing a few different projects, I am reading online about being a successful social media manager, and I have also been taking these free courses online for business managing.
I have my own Phone Actress thing that I do.

I have a platform that I use right now currently, but I am building my own website.

It's finished but not launched yet,


Well there is the merchant account, finding employees.  I would so spend the money and do what I have to. But because the nature of these calls are so taboo. Its hard.

But never the less, the show must go on.

I really would love the comfort of being my own boss. Or a boss in general.  And most importantly working from home.

Its even hard trying to find those residual income businesses because alot of them are scams and pyramid schemes.

I promise to blog more often until then I'll keep trucking.

Happy Sunday people!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I got my hair done!

Yes ladies. It is vital that you pamper yourself.
Nails done, Hair done everything did!... you know the rest.
I went to a salon, I do not know how much of a following that they have, or how they are advertising but I know they are being told about by word of mouth. ( That's how I heard)
But my hair is awesome, Yes I got a weave, lord knows my real hair needed a break. So my plan is to go to them a few more times, and keep talking about my business, and breaking into the Social Media Managing, By word of mouth. What do you think? What do any other Social Media Managers, that do freelance work from home think? How did you get your start?

By the way... That personal friend I mentioned in my earlier post agreed to let me manage a Instagram, Once I get all the details down I will began to post links of what I do.....YAYYYYYYY

Thank you always for reading,
Tanisha Richardson

Just starting out!

You know,

Being a child you study a lot of different people. These people are nurses, doctors,  lawyers,  etc...

And you say " when I grow up, I wanna be a doctor".

It looks cool, every kid wants to be a hero. Most of the time a "doctor" is looked at as someone who saves lives.

But when you were a kid, did you ever say to yourself " I wanna become a Social Media Manager" ?

Yeah me neither...Lol

But I do. Social Media Managing is not just boring computer work, it's more like maintaining a bunch of sites except... it's for companies and businesses.

It's a cheaper alternative to hiring a bunch of people to come into an office, that your going to have to payv to rent the space number one.

Number two your gonna have to pay for internet access at this space, telephones, desk, chairs, water for the bathroom to work.

Last but not least you have to pay the people who get up and come to work to help you help your business to succeed.

So what do you do?

That's where someone like me comes in.

You find yourself a reliable, dedicated,  flexible me!
To help you get the word out about your business and the products or services you offer.

I can post sales,  discounts, damage control ( this is when a customer throws what I like to call a hissy fit and takes to the internet to dog you out)  I am the one responding to this and finding out what can we do to help make  experience better.

I have personal social media management experience as well as business.

I know I can help you.

Big business, small business I can help you get seen and heard.

I can work with you long term or just one

Let me help you. I'll be right there with you along the way.

I have experience in blogging, Twitter, Facebook,  Google +, Interest, and others.

I can build accounts, maintain them, reply back to comments and posts,
Direct messages, answer questions,  etc everything a social media manager can and should do.

Thank you for reading. I'll keep you posted!

Tanisha Richardson
Social Media Manager

I wonder

Good day all,

Thank's for stopping by to check on me.
Today I am gonna call a personal friend of mine and ask if they need more word of mouth for their small business.

Cross your fingers for me x

Tanisha Richardson